Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 29-Village Vintner Pink Catawba for $13.00

This wine was wine of the month for the sweet wines club for January 2009. The Village Vintner which is located in Carpentersville, Il has some of the most unique sweet wines. The vintner describes this wine as a sweet and fruity rose wine made from a native american late ripening grape. It's reminiscent of raspberries and peaches embodied with candied fruit. The vintner believes the wine pairs well with light fish dishes, cheese and crackers, or just sip and relax. The best comparison of a wine made out of Catawba is a white zinfandel. I find the Catawba wine to be sweeter than the white zinfandel. This wine is very good with a tart finish. I am over half through the bottle as we speak, and I am very happy with the purchase. I think this is a very good drinking wine with out food with more fruit flavors of raspberries and strawberries. I have tried numerous wines made out of catawba and blends with the catawba grape and generally they are on the sweeter side and fruity. This is a grape that is grown native to the United States and we have tried it made it in ohio and in illinois and this wine is a great indication of how good a catawba wine can taste.

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  1. It was pretty average to me but in general I like pink catawba because it is a sweeter wine. I don't have a lot to add for this one other than it is a good wine on its own without food, (which is how I generally like it).