Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 45-Illinois Cellars Apple Wine Bavarian Style $6.00 at Wal Mart

If this wine was done in one of our blind taste tasting I would never know it is an apple wine. It tastes like a pinot grigio or pinot noir. All that is apple is the slight aroma of apples otherwise in it is an dry white wine. I really like the apple wine by Lynfred Winery which is 100% apples and tastes like apples and is on the sweeter side. This wine does not have anything distinguishable about it to me other than its cheap price. However, even at this reasonable price I would not buy this wine again. I thought since this was a wine made in Illinois that it would be a fruity wine, but I was mistaken. Save yourself the 6 bucks, put it towards a better wine.

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