Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 33-Naso Rosso of the Laurello Vineyards of Ohio for $10.00

We decided to do a blind tasting tonight of 3 red wine blends and we, my better half and I, had a great time. This is a drier blend of various grapes, I don't remember the specifics, except that this has some concord grapes in the wine. Troy, my better half, found this wine to be very dry, I found this wine to have a lot of depth and very good with my wine crackers. When I bought this wine while we were in Ohio and I felt for the price and the flavor a great bargain. The winery described the Naso Rosso is fun fruity red wine that is perfect for every occasion which I would agree with, however if a person does not like dry wines, this would not be your choice. My better half thought this was the worst wine of the three and I felt this wine was second best. It is a little higher in alcohol content of 12.5% and with any type of food improves the flavors. I can drink the wine without food but as I finish off the bottle, I truly enjoyed the wine with its various flavors and found that this could be a daily table wine for me.

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  1. No, I wouldn't drink this wine if I had my choice but our first "At home blind tasting" was a lot of fun. We secretly wrote our tasting notes and hypothesized as to the type of wine we were drinking. We both guessed this one since it was just two weeks ago that we tasted this wine in Ohio. She liked it a lot but the only wine I liked from Lorello was the Icewine, (Yes, I DO LIKE ALL ICEWINE, SMARTASS!). Sorry, just kidding. Yes it was dry to me but certainly had the longest finish of the three wines we tried. I LOVE the label art at Lorello.