Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 51- Dcubed Zinfandel Late Harvest 2005 for $23 at Binny's

This was one of the wines we tasted with our red dessert wine tasting. We tasted this wine after the red ice wine and it came off very dry. However, we drank the Zinfandel Late harvest after the port the next day and it was what I expected. I actually bought this wine after tasting the Dcubed zinfandel which we thought was pretty good, and knowing that we generally really like late harvest wines and have really enjoyed late harvest zins by history we bought it untasted. This wine is very fruit forward and has an aroma of blackberries and has a slight pepper aftertaste. If you like zinfandel, you will like this wine. This wine is very jammy like a zinfandel and has a very smooth aftertaste. The problem with the wine is the price and the small bottle it is only 375 ml for the $23, however at 15.9% it is a wine that you have in small doses. Also, I probably could have aged this wine a little longer. However, we were playing Winerd and needed a third red wine similar to the dessert red wines.

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