Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 41- Castle Rock 2007 Pinot Noir Mendocino County for $9-$10 at Costco and Binnys

This wine was recommended by two wine books I read, as a very reasonable Pinot Noir that is food friendly, fruit forward, without heavy tannins which makes you pucker and the black pepper finish that you find with some dryer reds. This wine paired well with barbeque chicken and salad with garlic dressing. This is not a sweet wine, but this is a great house wine to pair with food at a great price if you having someone over who does not like sweet wine. This wine would be great at Thanksgiving when there is a variety of foods to eat, goes well with both chicken and red meat. I like this wine more on the chilled side however, this wine is a more of a light red and could be treated almost as a white wine. My better half does like this wine as much, he likes to keep his wine and food separate. I would be bring this wine to a dinner party and to get togethers and I am sure would be extremely popular. Not our typical sweet wine, however in combination with food is very good.

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  1. For a wine that lacks any hint of sweetness, (that I prefer), this one is pretty good. It's very light for a Pinot Noir, and would recommend it for a nice red with food.