Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 38-Valle Re Lambrusco Emilia found at Winestyles for under $9.00

I was introduced to Lambrusco at Winestyles in Des Plaines, and it has been one of my favorites wines since that time. I have heard that the native italian teenagers consider this wine, juice, and at 7.5% alcohol level it is almost juice. Lambrusco is native to Italy and is sparling coming in both red and white, and this is a red lambrusco. I love lambrusco. It is cheap, sparkling, semi-sweet versus sweet like a moscato d'asti. This wine does not have a lot of depth, will not get better with age, and requires no food for pairing, and I feel there is no better wine for a spring day relaxing around the house. It has just warmed up in Chicago after a long, snowy, harsh winter and we are watching some golf and Big Ten basketball with this wine. Life is good. I have given this to friends for their birthdays, and for barbeques. It is a wine for all occasions and almost anyone who has every had this wine remembers days of their youth.

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  1. Lambrusco is a pretty good starter wine since it's a little sweet and a little sparkly and a little on the cheap side. Since we like to drink wine by the bottle versus the glass, a good lambrusco only lasts about a half of one of those ball games. This was an average lambrusco, but not bad!