Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 47-Biscotti's Dark Cherry for $9.99 bought at the winery in Conneaut, OH

We bought this wine in at the Biscotti winery, the person doing the tasting was just a fill-in for a friend and therefore had no information on the wines, when we bought the Strawberry and the Elderberry wine. This wine was on sale for $10 and tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. This wine is a beautiful pink-red color and is fruit forward and sweet without being syrupy sweet. Sometimes cherry wine, like the ones at Lynfred and Cooperhawk, are bitter and taste similar to cough medicine for me. This wine is described by the vintner as being a semi sweet wine with the taste of cherry. I really like this wine, I am a huge fan of cherries and like chocolate covered cherries a lot also. The wine has some tartness and it is somewhat heavier and has an alcohol content of 12%. However, these last two fruit wines from Ohio have just been delicious. I chilled this wine and I think that helped this wine from being overly sweet, and more tart. I don't think this is a food pairing wine unless it is dessert like a cheesecake or a creme brulee. I prefer to drink it when I get home from a long day at work as a sweet respite from the world. Unfortunately, my better half has visited his family for the next 2 days and I have to save him a glass of this wine since it is a new wine to us. That is going to be hard.

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