Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 50-Bogle v2005 Clarksburg Petite Syrah Port-$19.99 at Binny's Beverage Depot

Yesterday's, Buccia's was Day 49-again the result of too much in too little of time. The wine tasting this week included this port, a late harvest zinfandel and a cabernet franc ice wine that I have blogged on previously. I bought this wine because I am a huge fan of petite syrah, and have never seen a petite syrah port before at a wine shop. It is only a 500ml liter bottle, but at 20% alcohol the smaller bottle is a good idea. The vintner desribes this wine as "handcrafted from 100% Petite Syrah grapes. Its unusual depth and complexity reveal a concentration of raspberries, blackberries and chocolate flavors, making a luscious dessert wine." You have to like port to like this wine, the petite syrah flavors and not as dominate to me as the stong alcohol and brandy flavors. It is has rasperries on the nose for me and would go great with chocolate, or really any type of dessert. I think I would try it with cheescake. It does go best in the apertif glass and I am drinking as I watch the NCAA tournament thinking about making cheesecake. This is an up and coming winery whose wines are reasonable priced and advertised by wine spectator as good wines for the price. I would agree with that with this wine the price was very reasonable for the product.

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