Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 42-Biscotti's Family Wines Elderberry for about $12

This wine was bought at the Biscotti winery when we visited Ohio in February. This wine was my better half's favorite at the winery. This is a pretty, fruity wine that was one of three at the Graham/Patis tastings this week. This is a bright wine that is sweet with a strong fruity aroma, with a sweet aftertaste. This wine goes well with chocolate and is a good wine to have for dessert or chilled as a apertif with cheeses. My sister and her husband participated in this tasting and they like this wine the least of the three. I have never eaten elderberries so expectation in terms of taste is not there on some level, however, this is a very berry wine that tastes similar to raspberry and strawberry.

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