Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 36- 2007 Schmitt Sohne Riesling 2007 Spatlese

This was the favorite of the wine tasting this evening. I originally bought this wine during Octoberfest when all the German Rieslings were on display. Oh I forgot, we were sick this week and therefor were not drinking bottles of wine this week. We broke the fast on Thursday by going out to Binny's and doing the California wine tasting of over 60 California wines. We had to bring Tyler, so we only made it through about 25 wines until we needed to leave. We are back in the saddle and enjoying wine again between blowing our noses. I have started reading wine books since I have run out of romance novels in an effort to always have good wine on hand, however since we have started the blind tasting, I have seen that I buy a lot of mediocre wine and when in a wine club you get a lot of mediocre wine. This Riesling is actually very good and is made in the stlye I like. It is slightly sweet or off dry with clean fruit aromas with minimal acidity. As I have learned spatleses is the middle ground between kabinett-dry and auslese-very sweet in terms of riesling. This riesling is close to $10 a bottle and is great summer wine chilled with great fruit to give a refreshingly sublte glass of wine that would work at any barbecue or beach party.

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  1. This one was pretty good, and another cheap riesling. It is a good drinking wine. I originally had my wine notes, but don't know what I did with them, (too much wine maybe).