Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 30-La Spinetta 2007 Bricco Quaglia Moscato D'Asti for $16.99 at Vintages in Arlington Heights

I bought this wine for my better half at Vintages as a peace offering since I went to the Champagne/Sparkling wine tasting with my sister while he worked. This was one of the two sweet sparkling wines at the tasting, and is this wine ever sweet. This wine has peach overtones and is one the more sweeter moscato d'asti's that I have tried. The wine is a golden color and has a good fizz to it. I would replace dessert with this wine because of the amount of sweetness. My better half will drink the majority of this wine since I find it to be so sweet it hurts my teeth. Again, this wine is very low in alcohol at 5.5% and is a great wine chilled for the summer. To many, this tastes like sparkling juice, however the moscato d'asti's are rarely bad and tend to be liked a lot by the non-wine drinkers.

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  1. I can drink the daylights out of this wine and at the low alcohol content I could easily do a couple of bottles a night if I felt the urge. Yes, its one of the sweeter muscato d'asti's but just knowing its a muscaco d'asti makes it pretty great. It's about as close to sorocco as any other muscato d'asti. Boy, I sure like muscato d'asti's don't I???