Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 37-Leonard Kreusch Rheinhessen Spatlese 2006

I don't even remember buying this wine. We both thought this wine was the worst of the three we tried this evening. Troy thought we should pour it down the sink. I thought that we had tasted it before, but I don't think so. I think this was a bargain basement deal on a bottle of wine that I just could not pass up. I tastes like honey with a unique flavor. This is a white wine from Germany but does not say Riesling as the predominant grape. just as vinified from very ripe grapes. It is described as having full, rich cantaloup and fresh melon flavors and pairing well with spicy dishes. We never noticed the melon flavors an really and thought maybe this wine has been aged too long. I know I bought this wine because it said spatlese and I know that means semi-sweet or off-dry, but if I would have tasted it, the cloying feel of the wine would have kept me from buying it. As we taste more wines and document on them, we keep a running total of the wines we have liked, loved, hated, and above all wanted to share with everyone to document sweet wines under $20 that an average joe can find in their area for a change of pace from beer or liquor.

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