Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 40-Vintage Shamrock White Berry Bog for $13.99 by the Village Vintner in Carpentersville, Il

Happy St Patricks Day! This wine is White Berry Bog with green food coloring for green wine in celebration of St Patrick's Day! White Berry Bog is white grape wine with natural flavors added. The vintner describes the wine as bursting with the sweetness of the White Cranberry. The White Cranberry is picked earlier than the red variety giving it a clear, less tart Cranberry. Village Vintner then blends it with Pinot Gris to give it a nice smooth finish. They describe this wine as perfect for backyard barbeques and sharing with friends. March was you pick it for the fruit wine of the month club and the green wine was just too much fun to pass up. If you have ever had the cranberry wine at lynfred winery or cooperhawk winery, they will describe the wine as a mouthful of cranberries which makes for a very tart wine. This wine is not tart. I don't even like pinot gris generally and I can't tell it is the wine that is blended in this wine. It tastes like a very mild alcoholic cranberry juice. It is only 7% alcohol, only a little stronger than the green beer. This wine is sweet and light similar style to a white zinfandel with a cranberry flavor versus a strawberry flavor. I guess many people would not consider this wine, however, it is fun for the holiday and easy drinking.

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  1. May the luck o' the Irish be with you! It was a fun wine to consume on St. Patty's day. For a cranberry it wasn't tart at all. My better half has described it well.