Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 39-2007 American Ice Wine Vidal Blanc by Lynfred Winery

This wine is the reason we are members of Lynfred's wine club. Generally speaking, a lot of the white wines Lynfred comes out with are dry, however, since every month the member gets a newly released wine, it could be anything. Since we have rejoined, starting in the month that had the Cabernet Blush in 11/08 this is the second wine that we really liked as a drinking wine. Most ice wines are vidal blanc, and this one shows to be one of the better ice wines. We really like the other ice wines at Lynfred, however, with price tags of $35 for the half bottle, we just can't afford that on a daily basis. This wine is only $20 this month for white wine club members and then will also be jumping to $35 for next month. This wine is all honey, orange, and peach with some acidity as when you look at in your glass their looks to be little bubbles, however there is no fizz to this wine and I do not understand why there are bubbles. This wine is very sweet with a thicker consistency made in the fashion of typical ice wines. It is a dessert wine, best served in a apertif glass, however even with the smalller glass, it seemed that the bottle was finished in no time. My better half loved this wine and we had to buy 2 additional bottles at the March price to helpp us make it through the next few months.

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  1. I truly LOVE ice wine, and I could feel the sugars in this one just eating at my teeth. This one had very interesting flavors. Loved it.