Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 43-Lynfred Winery's Raspberry Wine 375ml for about $10.00 bottle

This wine is 100% raspberries. This wine was the favorite of the fruit wine tasting. This is a smooth wine is bright with a very fruity flavor, that we paired with chocolate to cut some of the tartness and tanginess on the tongue. The consensus of the group was this wine was very fruity and had no bad aftertaste. This wine smells of raspberry and tastes like a rich dessert wine that would go well with any decadent dessert or again as an apertif with some cheeses. If you like raspberries, you will like this wine, and if you don't like raspberries then you need to find a different wine for yourself. This wine needs to be chilled, but requires no aging. This is a great wine to bring to pair with dessert, or as a romantic wine to have on special occasion in a hot tub. Again, this wine can replace the raspberry or the strawberry, if you like those fruits. I do, so I enjoy this wine a lot.

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