Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 46-Black Cab by Emerine Estates at $19.49

This was one of the wineries we tasted at when we visited Ohio. This winery is considered organic which is why the price is on the higher side, and the wines are mostly a combination of fruit wines. We tried many unique wines at this winery, a carmel apple, strawberry shortcake, and a coffee wine. This combination wine of blackberries and cabernet sauvignon is delicious. It is all blackberry on the noise with a mellow cab finish. The wine is totally purple and semi-sweet with your tannin held slightly in check, however the finish is slightly dry with a great fruity aftertaste. I am drinking this wine while my better half is talking with a mortgage broker while I watch the NCAA Tournament and this wine pairs well with candy,cheese, and cheetos which is what I have munched on while drinking this wine. This wine screams for chocolate and would be a great wine with cheescake or with that cheese platter.

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