Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 40-Terrace White-a white table wine from Buccia Vineyards for under $13 a bottle

This wine is one of the three wines we bought a Buccia vineyards on our trip to Ohio in February. This wine is a beautiful gold color almost bordering on an orange color. This wine is a blend of 3-4 grapes, however, I do not remember the blend which the owner told us. This wine is rich, with apricot and apple flavors. The wine is tart with some acidity that leaves you with a little bit of a pucker. I popped this wine for my sister who was visiting, however she likes dry wines typically chardonneys and pinot grigio, two types of wine, I don't like and therefore do not have on a bottle of those two varietals on hand. This I felt was my driest white and therefore I offered this one, however, I am sure that she did not like this wine. It is not dry, it is just tart. I think it is ok, I think the grapes were a little green and that where the tartness comes from, and it is a hardier white which goes well with bleu cheese, and possibly a chicken alfredo meal. It is not a wine that generally consider a drinking wine, I think it would do well with food.

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