Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 44-Biscotti's Family Wines Strawberry for $12.00

This wine was bought while in Ohio at the winery that made these fruit wines. My better half thought this wine was the best of the three wines. This wine has the prettiest color I have ever seen, a pinkish reddish. This strawberry wine, which is very sweet, is 12% alcohol by volume, but when we visited this winery the person handing out tastings was just a fill in so it is unknown the percentage of strawberries that are in the wine. I knew this was strawberries because it taste like a more strawberry Boone's farm. It is a little too sweet for me, however, maybe if I decided to spritz it it may be better. I don't know even super chilled this wine is not light enough and crisp enough to me to be a great summer wine and would just recommend this wine for dessert or as an apertif.

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