Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 34-Buccia Terrace Red under $10.00

This red blend was one of the three wines we tasted in the blind tasting. This is blend of reds with a strong smell of concord and very tart finish. We loved this wine at the vineyard, however I find this wine to be very young and needs to be aged. I knew at one time what wines were in this blend, which are unique, but I did not write them down and therefore, I can only tell you the wine smells like concord, but is not a sweet wine. This wine has 11% alcohol volume and finishes like green grapes to me. I find this wine very green, like the wine needs to be aged, however, when I tried this wine originally I found this wine to be much sweeter on the finish. Either way, we enjoyed the wine tasting when we bought the wine, and we finished the bottle when we opened it.

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  1. I liked this better than the Laurello Naso Rosso, (but thats not sayin much I guess). I drank this bottle pretty much on my own since my sweetwines better half thought that it was very "green". I thought it was OK, and took only second place in the blind tasting behind the Adesso, which was pretty good. Anyway, this wine wasn't bad, but the cheese and crackers certainly helped.