Monday, January 25, 2010

Day236-Essencia by Quadyvineyard 2006 Orange Muscat for $6 at Binnys

This wine was another steal from Binnys during the warehouse sale. This wine also has some serious legs and has a similar viscosity to cough syrup. The wine is orange in color and smells of tobacco, tea, and orange blossoms. This wine tastes like orange flavored tea to me. I was telling my better half about how overwhelming the tea taste was, and once I told him, he also felt like he was drinking a glass of tea a little on the thicker side, but definitely a tea flavor. I am not sure if I liked the wine or not, but I like Orange Tea, a weird flavor for wine, but unique none the less. My better half drinks a lot of sweet tea so I was surprised that he did not like it as much. Again, a very interesting wine for an extremely reasonable price.

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