Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 226-Montevina Terra d'Oro Moscato California 2006 $3.99 at Binny's

Again, this wine was bought at the warehouse sale at Binnys. This wine was a the 750 ml bottle that did not have the sweetness that we would normally attach to a Moscato. This wine does have a touch of sweetness, that comes out in the honey flavors of the wine. I did not care for this wine at all, it had a touch of sweetness, but it had no fruit aromas or flavors that I normally associate with a Moscato, no peach, no melon, no citrus flavors. However, for $4 and my better half on a mission to finish 3 bottles of wine in one evening, it worked. I would never buy this wine again despite the price, it just was not good, but we have many more bottles to come from the Binnys warehouse blow out.

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