Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 220-Starling Castle Riesling Medoc at $7.50 at Costco

This is a German Riesling that we popped for the first 2 playoff games of football. We drank the wine with pizza and wings and it went pretty good. The bottle of this wine is very cool with a picture of the mansion in the back of the bottle. The wine had a touch of sweetness and is very fruity with only a hint of acidity on the finish. I find German Rieslings to be great versatile wines for people the may not have the same palate. Rieslings can be drank by both dry wine drinkers as well as sweeter wine drinkers. My sister thought the wine was ok, but I thought the wine was pretty good for this price. I believe that if you find a bottle of wine under $10.00 that you enjoy, and others enjoy also, the wine is a winner. I do find that a person can find numerous Rieslings in this price range if you look hard enough and are willing to get a few bad bottles, also.

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