Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 224-Cooper's Hawk Unoaked Chardonnay at $16.99

This Chardonnay is the January wine of the month at Cooper's Hawk Winery. This wine tastes nothing like Chardonnay. This wine could be swapped out for a Viognier and I don't think anyone would know the difference. The wine is totally fruity and tropical with aromas and flavors that you would never associate with a Chardonnay. I had to pop it open to pair with fish, however the wine did not require any pairing, it was truly delicious on its own. I would buy this wine all the time if it was a little cheaper, but at this price it will only be bought if I can get a good discount. This wine is too pricey to bring to a party where people don't care about the wine, but a nice dinner party where people do care, I think this wine would be a challenge for most to guess the grape.

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