Monday, January 25, 2010

Da 235-2004 Robert Pecota Moscato d'Andrea Napa Valley Muscat Canelli 375ml from Binnys for $6

Another wine bought at the warehouse sale at Binnys for half price. The Wineauxs also blogged on this wine and gave it a good review. This wine has a lot more legs than the Muscat Canelli that we have tried before from Trader Joe's and the Allegro from Binnys. This wine has 16% residual sugar and is 11% alcohol by volume. The wine tastes of orange blossom and honey, with some bite of acidity which tells me this wine probably could have aged a little more to mellow out the wine. My better half loved this very sweet wine, of course, and drank the half bottle in no time at all. At this price, I should have stocked up, but they were almost gone when I picked this one up, and 1 week later they were all gone. If you like a late harvest wine or an Ice wine, this is a very good choice.

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