Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 230-Coopershawk Peach Sparking Wine for $13.99 in South Barrington

I love fruit sparkling wines, Raspberry, Peach, Cherry, Berry, and ,of course, Peach. Lynfred Winery also makes a Peach Sparkling which I also liked a lot. I think this is the Blanc to Blanc Sparkling wine of Cooperhawk infused with Peach juice or extract. My better half thought it was dry and peachy, and I found it very peachy and effervescent. This wine is not a sweet sparkling wine per say, just a peach sparkling wine that tastes like peach bubbles. I think this a great brunch wine or baby shower wine, so light and so tasty. If you don't like peaches, this is probably not the wine for you, but if you do like peaches then pick up a bottle, it is cheaper at Cooperhawk than at Lynfred, though my preference does go to Lynfred's Peach Sparkling wine.

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