Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 225-Elysium 2006 by Quadywinery for $6 at Binnys

Binny's emailed me they were having a warehouse sale, so I headed there after work and picked up this beauty for half price. This wine is a California Black Muscat 15% alcohol that the winemakers say to pair with dessert cheeses, custards, fruit, or chocolate. We loved this wine. We paired it with chocolate, but it needed nothing. It tasted of blackberry and plum and the entire 375 ml lasted about 30min. We think this wine tastes very similar to the Cabernet Blush at $35 for a half bottle, so we are obviously thinking about heading back to Binnys to get a lot more of these bottles. If you like dessert wines that are not over the top sweet, then this is a great wine for you. I was very pleasantly surprised by this wine, and better half sent himself on a real buzz after finishing off this wine.

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  1. I made it over to Binny's on my lunch break the same day that e-mail was sent out and I couldn't believe how picked over a lot of bins were. I'll have to head back and see if I can find this one - sounds interesting.