Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 95-American Sparkling Cherry Wine Doux by Lynfred Winery for $25

solThis wine is over the $20 dollar mark however if you buy a case you get 25% off which makes it under $20. This wine is a very interesting combination of 60% cherry wine, 15% Chardoney, 15% Pinot Grigio, and 10% Chenin Blanc. This wine was recommended of all the sparkling wines at Lynfred as being the sweetest. However, after tasting the sparkling Rose and this wine, I am sold on their sparkling wines as being great summer wines. This wine taste like pure cherries so it has some tartness and great fizz. This wine was even liked by my better half who does not like cherries. This is a bottle of wine that needs to be finished the day you open it or you lose the fizz that makes it such a great sparkling wine. I can't wait to buy their peach and their berry sparkling wines now, they are truly the perfect summer wines. I am not sure if you would pair them with the meal, but with cheese and fruit and dessert, absolutely perfect. I think these a great wines to swap out instead of the traditional Moscato di'Asti, but Moscato di'Asti is significantly cheaper.

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