Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 79-Dandelion Wine the Village Vintner at $9.50 of Amana, Iowa

This wine was the second Dandelion wine I ever tasted, the first was in Pennslyvania. This winery was this first one we stopped at in Amana, Iowa when Troy and his parents, Tyler and the pup did a day trip to Amana, Iowa to taste wines. This wines in Amana are all fruit and vegetable wines and there are only a couple of wines that are actual grapes. This wine looks like lemonade and is tart and sweet and very pleasant for a summer day. The alcohol percentage is 11%-14%, however the wine is very light and really appears very simple. This wine is cheap enough to bringto parties and it was also sold by the gallon. Troy's parents also bought a bottle because we got 2 free glasses with the purchase of 5 bottles. This is just a fun wine that you have people try because it is made from a weed, the owner states that this wine needs to be made the day the dandelions are brought in because otherwise they turn brown and are no longer good. I like the wine, but I am not putting it up for any awards,

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