Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 72-Vin de GLaciere Pacific Rim 2006 Washington Riesling for $17.00 at Binnys

This wine was talked about in one of my many wine books a cheaper version of Ice Wine. This wine doesn't actually take frozen grapes off the vine, but freezes the grapes and then make the dessert wine. This wine is described as a Dessert Style Wine made from post harvest Riesling grapes. The wine is 9% alcohol and 16.2% residual sugar. This wine was in our dessert wine/Ice wine tasting this week which was held on Monday versus Friday this week because I was simply too hung over from doing the Toast of the Town on Thursday night for her birthday. This was my favorite of the 3 wines we tasted. It is not overly syrupy and is still sweet. I prefer Riesling to Vidal Blanc which also might account for preference of this wine, but my better half liked this wine a lot also. If you like sweet wines, you will really like this wine, and tastes like peaches and apricots and generally in small doses excellent.

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