Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 93-Sparkling Rose Brut- Lynfred Winery for $17 for the month of june

When a sparkling wine says it is Brut I picture a very dry wine. I brought this wine to a party and it was great. It is not as sweet as Rosa Regale but you could taste the various strawberry and raspberry flavors in the wine. It is lovely color with very good bubbles and fizz, everyone at the party liked the wine, and I had a few glasses my self. I am going to buy this wine again, I can't believe how light and fruity the wine was, and feel this a great summer wine and if the price was cut in half I would buy it by the case. I challenge anyone to find a better Rose. This needs to be served ice cold, but I had it just cold and it was still probably the best sparkling Rose to me.

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