Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 86-Raspberry Wine from the Village Vintner at $9.50

I was going to swear off all the wines from Amana, Iowa as possible on for the really sweet wine lover, when I opened this wine. I am trying to use all the Iowa wines that we bought because I am worried that they have a shorter shelf life than our other wines. Also, for summer I wanted to have mostly white and sparkling wines, however, we just bought a case of wine at Lynfred winery-which we never do, but the manager offered us 25% off and stated that the Old Vines Zinfandel that has 3% port in it to cut the tannins and is totally delicious and the late harvest Petite Syrah are low stock and will be gone shortly. Well, those are 2 of my favorite red wines, so know I have numerous red wines again and summer is here practically. I digress, back to the wine at hand, this wine tastes like liquid raspberry. It is absolutely delicious, as good as Lynfred's Raspberry wine which I have blogged on previously, however that only comes in the half bottle for $10.00 versus $9.50 for a large bottle. My better half finds this wine to be very good also, however, it is not nearly as sweet as the Blueberry wine. Unfortunately, since my better half has been sick lately, I will have to drink this by myself which I have no problem doing. I am sorry I don't have more posts on summer wines as we approach summer, but hopefully we will be finishing some of our reds and moving on to the whites and the sparklers for summer.

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