Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 92-Black Razzy by the Ackerman Winery- $6,00 for 375mg or half bottle

This wine is made of 100% Black Raspberries. This wine is very dark almost black in color with some legs. This wine is very balanced with both sweetness and tartness. This wine could be spritzed with club soda to give it a lighter flavor. This wine would go great with cheesecake and with chocolate. Troy really liked this wine and I thought it was just ok. I am finding some of the fruit wines to be just very one dimensional. I would have spritzed this wine if I were take it to a party and serve it with dessert. I would probably not buy this wine again simply because I did not find the wine to be very versatile, however the half bottle is a nice size for a wine that is for desserts.

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