Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 87-Vignoles by Willett's Winery Cellar of Manito, Illinois by $11.99

We bought this wine on our visit down to the country last week. This is a semi-sweet white wine with hints of pineapple and apricot according to the Vintner. This is the winery owned by Dan who was very nice and gave us the history of his winery. This is a dry wine that I am drinking to celebrate the agreeing on signing the contract for $120,000 for a town home in Schaumburg. This wine is slightly dry with a lot fruit flavors. The wine is gold in color, and is definitely a Rachel type of wine since it does not have the residual sweetness of a niagara or moscato which are the favorites of my better half. I am busy talking with my sister throughout drinking this wine, which nakes talking with her more dealable since she is very controversial.

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