Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 88-2008 American Pinot Grigio by Lynfred Winery for $20 available to the public in July 2009

This wine was the April wine of the month for Lynfred's White Wine Club. This is a dry white wine, with a great aroma, so I brought it to the Birthday party of Katie who likes dry wine this last Saturday. I had already had some wine throughout the day, so I was liking wine a bit much to be totally objective about this wine. I found this wine to be a lot better than when we tasted it, my fruit forward and mellow. Like I said, I was already buzzed when drinking this wine, but Maggie not a huge fan of white wines also said it was good wine. This type of wine requires food or a buzz to mellow out the wine and bringing out its flavors versus focusing on its dryness. I would buy htis wine again not for myself, but for a dinner party. Not a regular party because it is too pricey, but when the company knows wine and you are pairing the wine with food this is a quality choice.

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