Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 90-Strawberry Zin from Door County Peninsula Winery $15.99 in Long Grove, Ill

This wine was bought while at the chocolate fest in Long Grove this month. The wine is described as a medium dry grape with strawberry flavor. I was afraid this wine was going to be extremely dry, and I was wrong. This wine is beautiful orange/pink with a stong strawberry aroma and flavor. It was a beautiful sunny day today and we drank this wine as we worked in the garden. It is a wine that could be paired with dessert or with cheeses, either way in order to like this wine you need to like strawberries. This wine is a much better quality wine compared to Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill, but they are in the same ballpark of wine. This wine would be great a party if it was not so pricey. I am not sure why it is so pricey, I know Long Grove tends to run on the expensive side, however I have seen these wines at Binny's and I still think they run around $13-$14 dollars a bottle.

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