Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 84-Plum Wine of the Village Vintner in Amana, Illinois $9.95

This wine was bought at the same winery as the Dandelion wine. This wine is pure liquid sugar. This wine is so sweet that I was only able to choke down a small apertif. If you have ever had plum wine at a Japanese restaurant, this is the same type of wine, thick and very sweet. Of course, this wine was a huge hit with his family. I thought this wine was too sweet to drink, and I would only give it to people that I know liked sweet wine. I like the plum wine at Lynfred and Cooperhawk and neither of those wines taste nearly as sweet as this wine. The color on this wine was more of brandy versus the dark purple color of a plum. I will review Lynfred's plum wine at a different time and will compare it at that time.

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