Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 77-Princess Red by the Village Vintner $14.99

This wine was also one of the wines we tasted this week in the group of 3 sweet red wines. We tried this wine for the first time at the Easter Party at the Village Vintner. We have been drinking a lot of Village Vintner wines lately because the wines were 20% off at the Easter party and then when we returned later that month we picked up two additional wines. The vintner describes this wine as a soft and versatile semi-sweet red wine. They find this wine to be heavy on the plum and cherry flavors which I would agree with. I believe this is good house wine for us, since it is not dry and has a lot of fruit flavors which make it drinkable now and very versatile. It is not so sweet that you think that you are having a dessert wine, and has very little aftertaste. This is an American Red Wine with a 12.5% alcohol content which gives it some kick, however overall this is a very pleasant wine that would go good at parties as well as dinner.

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