Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 78-Turn Me Sweet 2005-for $8 at Binnys

This wine was an impulsive by a Binnys due to the display and the price when we were at the Easter tasting. This wine is 100% Tempranillo sweet red wine with 11% alcohol and a product of Spain, La Mancha. The back of this label says "I saw her and my heart skipped a beat...How could a wine so innocent and sweet be so tempting? The moment it touches your lips, you will know. you've never had a sweet red like this before..." This wine is first sweet and then a bit of a dry aftertaste. I honestly feel that if this had some effervescence or some sparkling to it, it would be a Lambrusco. I love Lambrusco, and I really like this wine. You can't beat the price and most people would think it was fine, it is not a great wine, but a wine I could drink at a picnic, at a party, when I am broke, which is all the time. This wine again, like the other 2 in the tasting this week, is a fun wine to have whenever and wherever at a reasonable price to add to the evening. You may be wondering why I am drinking all these reds in May as the summer is coming on and the days are getting longer, and the answer is I need to finish these off this month so we can drink sparklings, whites, and fruits for the rest of the summer.

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