Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 91-Pomegranate Wine by Cooperhawk Winery for $13.99

This wine was bought last month when we did our monthly tasting at the Cooperhawk in South Barrington. We tried this wine since they were out of the Plum wine. My better half absolutely loved this wine and we bought the last bottle they had in the store. I have recently seen this wine at the Cooperhawk in Wheeling, so he has nothing to worry about, there isn't a shortage of the wine or anything to that effect. This wine is sweet, but after being chilled in the refrigerator over the last couple of days the wine is tasting a little more tart and I think getting bad with the vinegar smell and flavor, hence I am finishing the wine off as I type. I forgot we had this wine as I bemoan having only reds for summertime, however, we recently got a cold, rainy front so the reds are looking ok currently, and when I opened it I never thought Troy would be able to guess what wine it was, but he did. This wine is made from two pounds of pomegranate however, since I have not eaten a pomegranate since I was younger, I am not sure I can distinguish it from other fruit, however if my better half knew it, you may be able to pick it out also. It is a pretty red/orange color similar to the strawberry zin previously blogged. This wine could be a good party wine, however there are a lot of fruit wines I like better, if I am going to bring a fruit wine at a few dollars less. I like the blended fruit wines from the Village Vintner as some of the best party wines since they are generally very mellow.

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