Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 96-Chocolate Strawberry Wine by Kickapoo Winery for $15.99

This wine was bought on our way down to McComb, Illinois and I actually think this is our last bottle of wine from that week in the country. The Kickapoo Winery actually had a few chocolate wines at around the same price with different fruits-strawberry, raspberry, and a madeira style. However, this wine was a full bottle for $15.99 versus the half bottle for the same price. This wine tastes like a liquid chocolate covered strawberry. It is a little strong at 13.9% alcohol, however I think a glass of this wine is dessert replacement. I find this to be really only drank with dessert, I don't see it paired with food other than dessert because the wine is infused with chocolate flavors and strawberry flavors. I find this wine to be a good after drink, maybe with cheesecake, but a nice night cap to end the evening with friends. I think it is also a very good date wine it is romantic and fun for someone who is new to wine and doesn't really know what they like to drink. I am finishing it off this evening and found this Illinois wine another unique wine that has fun with the grape and gives the wine something totally diffferent.

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