Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 104-2008 Moscato by Mezzaocorona Vigneti delle Dolomiti $-unknown

I received this bottle of wine as a gift from my co-workers for my 34th birthday two weeks ago. I was surprised that they remembered that I liked Moscato and thought this would be a pretty good bottle of wine. Troy thought just looking at the wine that it was not going to be sweet, and it wasn't sweet or have the effevescence of your typical Italian Moscato. It smelled like your typical Moscato-fruity, the vintner describes the fruit as tropical, where I smell more peaches, pineapple, and apple. I tried the wine and at first taste you get the spark of sweetness of a Moscato, however that is it, the finish is dry. Troy was disappointed in the wine, but I thought it was ok, a light, summer wine with fruit flavors that you could bring to barbecue and would pair nicely with salads, chicken, fish, and cheeses. I would not buy this wine again, it just had to dry, tart finish for me that I associate with other dry whites that I do not care to drink more than a glass or requires food because it is not enjoyable on its own. I will continue to look for my perfect summer sipping wine, I have not found it yet or my house red wine.

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