Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 110-2002 Kracher Scheurebe Trockenbeeren Auslese Number 6 by Austria $20 at Binnys

This dessert wine is a $50 that was on sale for $20 dollars at Binnys for the month of June along with a lot of other expensive dessert wines by Kracher. I don't know the grape in this wine, it could be Vidal Blanc-Troy thinks it is very similar tasting to an Ice Wine, I thinks since the bottle says Auslese that it is a Riesling. Is this wine made in the style of Sauternes with the noble rot or is it Ice Wine, we have no idea. These wines are almost never opened at wine tastings and I can not believe the luck of finding such a deal on the wines. This wine is probably the best Ice Wine/Sauternes that we have ever had before, the tastes of raisin, apricot, and honey are so subtle, the wine deliciously sweet without being cloying. This is the dessert wine that people fall in love with, Troy was in heaven and after having a half a glass I will the beautiful gold wine to him. We have tried many Vidal Blanc Ice Wines throughout this blog from both Illinois and other locales and to me this is hands down the most elaborate, smooth, and complete dessert wine. I think I will have to go revisit Binnys one more time to see if they have any left before the end of the month and the $20 for a $50 for 375ml no longer exists.

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