Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 109-Muscat 2005 by Rene Mure of Alsace, France for $16.99 at Binnys

I bought this wine because it was on sale, and based on reputation the white wines from Alsace are suppose to be the best in the world. Unfortunately, I just read that this wine should have been drank within the first two years of the vintage, and after trying the wine I know why. The wine's flavors are not very distinct and there is only a faint orange aroma typical of a Muscat, when generally this is a very fragrant wine. This wine was dry and my better half hated it. I thought the wine tasted very good with Swiss cheese. On its own, like many French wines, was very minerally and very fruit forward which is what I look for in a good white wine. This wine is too pricey to buy as a party wine and more for the wine expert versus the person who enjoys drinking wine such as myself. I am going to stay away French wines from now on, they are an acquired taste and not something I need to venture into because of the price and the extensive terroir flavor of the wines.

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