Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 99-Concord Ice Wine of the South River Vineyard in Ohio for over $20 at 375ml

This wine defininitely falls in the sweet wine category, however it is over $20. It was delicious. If you like the grapey concord wine of welch's grape juice and you like sweet, this wine is worth its weight in gold. However, this wine's only draw back is it price. It is delicious, we bought at the winery in Ohio that is made out of church. It is a really cool looking winery and this wine, for me, was the best ice wine that Ohio had to offer and they offered quite a few ice wines. The color is a rose color with some legs, however, only 10% etoh. This was my birthday wine, we have held on to this wine since February to have a special occasion.

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