Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 101-Razmatazz from the Village Vintner for $13.99

This is a grape wine, White Zinfandel, infused with raspberry flavoring. This wine tastes very much like a wine cooler and I gave this as a christmas gift to one of my co-workers and she really liked it, for a person who does not like wine. This wine is a very pretty pink color and tastes like raspberry white zinfandel, versus the 100% raspberry from the Lynfred winery that tastes like liquid raspberries and is more of a dessert wine. This wine is a great summer wine, great for parties, barbeques, or just enjoying the sunshine if it would ever get here. If you are going to bring a lot to one party, the Village Vintner allows you to do a Batch which basically cuts the price of the bottle in half which is what I would do. However, a batch makes about 31 bottles so you want to make sure you have a lot of places to go over the summer to bring the wine. My better half enjoyed this wine more than I did, it is just too simple for me to really want more than a glass or two.

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