Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 111-2004 Arte Monforte d'Alba Domenico Clerico for $20 at Binnys

This wine was on sale in April at Binnys for $20 and being originally a $40 wine, plus a good review by Wine Spectator, I purchased 2 bottles of the wine, 1 for a gift and 1 for myself. I gave the bottle to my friend on her birthday and I saw it unopened on her table at her birthday party. I asked if she drank it and she said yes, thought I was there when she opened it, and said it was good with no other details. This is the same friend I gave a sparkling shiraz and on New Years Eve she drank and said it was delicious, and gave me no other information. That friend is Katie and she is one of my blog followers. This wine is dry, I am drinking it with rosemary crackers, however this wine has no bitter aftertaste and is very fruit forward. I am not surprised at how good this wine is, however I can't spend $40 on a bottle of wine, I can barely afford $20 and under. This wine is deep purple with no legs, I am drinking it too cold, but most people who like red wine will like this wine.

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