Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 105-Reymos Espumose de moscatel $11.99 at Vintages in Arlington Heights

I bought the wine at the Zinfandel wine tasting this shop had last Sunday. I love this wine shop, they always have free wine tastings, and the owner of the shop is super nice. The shop rates all the wines for you on a sweetness scale which is helpful in deciding between wines that you have never tasted before, I have had this wine before, but I have never blogged on it. This wine is not as sweet as your Moscato di Asti-which is why my better half thinks it is only ok. This wine is a great summer wine, it is light, sparkling, with a touch of sweetness and fruit flavors. This wine is made in Spain which is known for its Cava, the spanish counterpart to Champagne, which is significantly drier that this wine. I would definitely bring this wine to a party, brunch, anything in the summer time, for the price is right, and my guess if I looked I could even find it for less money and it is only 7.5% alcohol which means you are not falling into the bag after a couple of glasses.

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