Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 107-Grand Finale Blanc by the Village Vintner for $26.99 for 375ml

This is an Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, so finding it under $20 is unrealistic. Actually, this wine is made from Canadian frozen juice which is extremely pricey, most Canadian Ice Wines are $80, and so I put this in my blog because I still consider this Ice Wine a reasonable price. This Ice Wine smells slightly of raisins, however, I do not find this wine as syrupy or with the legs of your typical Ice Wine. I found the flavor of this Ice Wine to be very light and not distinct like I am used to with most Vidal Blanc Ice Wines. If you like Ice Wine, as it is a favorite of my better half, I would buy this to try it out, but if you truly want an Ice Wine I would spend the extra $20-$60 and get the traditional Ice Wine. Ice Wines are wines, in general to me due to the price, for special occasions and this wine just doesn't require just so much of a special occasion.

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