Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 102-Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Lynfred Winery, IL $20

This Sauvignon Blanc is the June 2009 wine of the month for Lynfred. This wine is a pale yellow with 13.5% alcohol. This wine smells delicious, very fruit forward and fresh smelling. This may the first sauvignon blanc that I have ever really enjoyed. Generally, I find this wine to be too minerally and tasting of grass. However, this wine is a good balance of acid and fruit flavors perfect for this warm, sunny day in June. I paired this wine with brussel sprouts and scallop alfredo and it went well. This wine is light and would pair very well with salads and chicken and if you have a lemon based anything I think this wine would be a hit. Unfortunately, I am not pairing it with any more food simply waiting for the better half to get back and the peanut to get up so I don't finish off the bottle. This wine would be great for a party or a grill out with friends if the price was just a little smaller. Here comes the summer, hopefully and the white, sparkling, and zinfandels!

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