Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 70-August Kesseler's Rheingau Qualitatswein for $4.99 at Binny's

This wine was at the Easter wine tasting at Binny's the Thursday before Easter. This wine was presented as a Riesling, but it is really 70% Silvaner and 30% Riesling. I have never heard of the Silvaner grape. This wine is on the acidic side and was the worst of the 3 wines that we tasted on Friday night tasting of white wines. It has very few fruit flavors and is very acidic. There is no long aftertaste on this wine and I can honestly say the best thing about this wine is the price. I would only bring this wine to a party where you don't know most of the people because it is not very good, but is a very cheap white wine for a party where people are not necessarily drinking for taste. Even though this wine was so cheap, I will not be buying it again, because I won't bring a wine to a place where I don't want to drink the wine.

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